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Anyone making their way in the world knows that Entrepreneurs and Business Owners face a distinct set of challenges in business and in life. Mirus Edge coaching can help to streamline your activities to make the best out of your time.


Athletes need coaches, of course. But, sometimes, the kind of coaching you need is help in living a better life. Mirus Edge can give you the tools you need to stay motivated and live a quality life that helps on and off the field; in and out of the game.

Business People

Climbing the corporate ladder can feel like an unwinnable game. Sometimes, the boost you need is a coach to get you to the next level. Mirus Edge can guide you in making the right choices at the right times to give you the edge you need in the corporate world.

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Open Offices, Truth in the Trend

Open Offices are all the rage these days. But, there's a growing body of evidence that open offices are more harmful than we realize. Below are a few quotes from a collection of articles about open of…

Collaboration: 2 Things to Know about Bridges

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