Michael Williamson

Michael Allen Williamson is Chief Maker at The Movers & Makers Company. Professionally, he is a User Experience Designer. But, he spends his free time making things and creating things. Recently, Michael published his science fiction novel, The Immense Center and is currently working on the book, Movers & Makers - Joining Forces to Make Amazing Things.

Open Offices, Truth in the Trend

Open Offices are all the rage these days. But, there’s a growing body of evidence that open offices are more harmful than we realize. Below are a few quotes from a collection of articles about open offices. The Open-Office Trap By Maria Konnikova JANUARY 7, 2014 “The open office was originally conceived by a […]

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Collaboration: 2 Things to Know about Bridges

Have you ever though about how important bridges are for collaboration? It’s a bit of a metaphor, but I believe it can help improve your collaboration relationships when you keep these things in mind. Bridges Connect Bridges, especially the large suspension bridges bring people together. They connect people separated by water or gulfs. They connect […]

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