July 1, 2016

Collaboration: 2 Things to Know about Bridges

Have you ever though about how important bridges are for collaboration? It’s a bit of a metaphor, but I believe it can help improve your collaboration relationships when you keep these things in mind.

Bridges Connect

Bridges, especially the large suspension bridges bring people together. They connect people separated by water or gulfs. They connect cultures and ideas. They make commerce better, they join the past with the future and make the world smaller. Bridges are a way to progress, to peace, and to prosperity.

Bridges Show Strengths

The towers of a suspension bridge represent our strengths and the suspended cables represent our weaknesses. If we want to make the bridge taller, stronger, or wider, we will need to build on the towers. Raising individual suspension cables will do nothing but break the bridge.

As individuals and collaborators, we should focus on building on our strengths. Then, the weaknesses will be improved, too.

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Michael Allen Williamson is an author and maker writing at Movers & Makers. He is our guest today to share some of his insights. If you can find out more at and subscribe to their podcast, too.

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